4 Root Causes of Dental Fears

Do you shiver in fear the night before a dental exam, terrified of what the next day will hold for you and your teeth? This is not an irrational fear; tons of patients suffer from this same stress and anxiety, looking for reasons to stay away from the dentist. In order to beat this kind of fear, you need to know the root causes of going to the dentist. Only then can you take the necessary steps to ease your way into being comfortable with your next dental visit.

Fear of the Unknown

With any doctor, there is an uncertain fear of the unknown, but with dentists, it is even more so. This is because with Dentists in Auckland, you are open and helpless to the world, trapped in a chair with a doctor prodding around your teeth with utensils you do not recognize or understand. Also, the clanking of the metal against your teeth does not help in these kind of situations. Fear of the unknown is the most basic fear leading up to dental appointments.

Very Sensitive Nerves

Your gums and entire mouth are made up of tons of little nerves, all connected to your teeth. Therefore, you are more likely to feel pain in your teeth than in some other parts of your body. Along with the scratching that comes with fixing or cleaning your teeth, sometime an assistant may hit a wrong nerve or cause you to twinge. It may not be an incredible hurt, but it can still make you fear the auckland dentist.


Anesthetics and Injections

Dental care has come a long way, especially with anesthetics and injections. Along with a gas mask, you can also choose to either be put completely to sleep for certain procedures or just injected with a small amount close to your gums. Either way, anesthetics has a way of making people feel uncomfortable or nervous of losing feeling in their mouths. Be sure that your doctor offers cheap dentist care.

Loss of Space

When you are sitting in a dental chair, there is an extreme loss of personal space. Your dentist may promise gentle dental care, but there will still be at least one to three people sitting around you and staring down into your mouth. This can be quite frightening, especially if you are one that likes to have your own amount of space.

With every fear comes the reasons for that fear. Now that you know some of the basic causes of dental fears, you can begin the process towards becoming more comfortable with your visits to the dentist. Pretty soon, you will be looking forward to getting your teeth cleaned.